Executive Boardroom Refresh

The meeting room landscape has changed and we recently completed this refresh of an executive boardroom for a major international pharmaceutical company.

We find that the “people density” due to social distancing has reduced the occupancy rates of meeting rooms by more than half.  Tech-wise, this means that we need tracking cameras and new videoconference technology needs to be deployed.

For the Teams integration, we supplied a Lenovo Thinksmart Hub.  It has a proximity sensor that detects the presence of a user which then wakes up the system and turns on the display. The Lenovo has a 360° rotatable touch screen which allows anyone in reach to comfortably control the meeting.

The conferencing image and data is displayed on the new NEC C981Q 98” LCD.  This bright device allows for a fully lit room during meeting and conferencing.

A QSC PTZ tracking camera takes its steering commands from the 12 table microphone elements.  It uses the voice presence to frame the talker based on logic derived from the audio processor.  The five round table microphones (Shure MX 396) are dual-element and tri-element, which means that the audio performance is excellent and rejects ambient room sounds.

When a Teams call begins, the table microphones automatically unmute and the camera wakes up and points to the table in a wide shot.

We were pleased with the system and a Logitech Swytch addition allows for a user to connect their laptop should they wish to “BYOM” (bring their own meeting).

Please contact AVT.ca for a voice or video consultation as you make your way back to the office this year and next.