Digital Signage


Even if you’ve never heard the term Digital Signage before you likely know more about it than you know. Digital Signage is everywhere. It’s the menu board at your favourite restaurant, it’s the maps inside malls and hotels, it’s the gate information at the airport. Advances in the technology have allowed for interactive Digital Signage further enhancing the experience of the communication you’re trying to achieve. Ever used one of the touch screen menus at a fast food restaurant to avoid the line? Yep, Digital Signage!

Let’s explore how Digital Signage can benefit your business. Are you able to physically stand somewhere in your organization and be able to communicate clearly and effectively to everyone at your organization? If the answer is no you are likely in a position to consider Digital Signage at your business. Use of this technology allows you to communicate more effectively in a platform that is designed to get information to your team quickly and with minimal intervention. If your organization regularly sends emails about updated company policies, business strategies or colleague callouts then the Digital Signage platform will save you and your team time and resources. Create your update note, send it to your Digital Signage hardware, done! The best part? Your communication stays on there so it’s always available for your team to review. No more trips to the elevator thumb-tacking paper memos to a bulletin board.

Say you have a large office with lots of hallways and intersections where it’s easy to get lost. Were you ever late for a meeting because you couldn’t remember where the conference room was in your massive facility? Or hosting a guest and they’re unfamiliar with your facility? Place a few interactive Digital Signage displays around your business and anyone can simply touch the meeting room name on screen and the display maps out the quickest route to that meeting room.

Digital Signage hardware makes it super easy to send your communication to multiple locations at once. Including entirely different buildings, in different cities, even around the globe! Using your internal network or a cloud-based solution you can send your communication everywhere right from your desk.

Digital Signage could also be setup on a schedule to show different communication at different points in the day. Display some colleague callouts and upcoming corporate events in the morning to get your team in a positive frame of mind for the day. Switch to the lunch menu or map highlighting your team’s favourite food spots at lunch time. Show transit and traffic updates near the end of the end day so your team can plan their route home. There really isn’t a limit to what you can do with Digital Signage!


  • LCD or LED monitor.
  • LCD display or LED panel video walls.
  • Interactive touch screens.
  • Proprietary encoding hardware to display your communications.
  • Connect to your corporate local area network to send communications without having to get up from your desk.
  • Optional subscription to a cloud-based solution to send your communications around the globe.