Boardroom AV Installation

This boardroom was recently built with every component intelligently integrated with one another.

Installed around the table are twelve Clockaudio CRMF-102N-RF microphones that incorporate seamlessly, retractable when not in use. These mics were installed by precisely drilling into the table and elegantly managing the cables underneath to be hidden from clients. The mics allow VoIP audio conferencing as well as audio during video calls.

With a boardroom overlooking the city skyline it would be beneficial to hold meetings with the blinds up while viewing content clearly. We installed the NEC C981Q, which features a 350 cd/m² brightness combined with UHD resolution and its anti-glare screen surface. This allows for efficient readability when ambient light is present. It is recessed into the wall on a fully articulating mount, reinforced with double plywood, and customized to the dimensions of the display.

Beneath the display hidden in a cubby behind a motorized door that opens when in use, is the Q-SYS PTZ 12×72 which integrates with the whole system. Outputting 1080p with a 12x optical zoom and a 72 degree horizontal Field of View to capture participants in the room clearly, the camera silently pans/tilts/zooms based on which mics are being used.

This system is operated with an iPad, giving users full control over the AV system with a single device including video conferencing, audio conferencing, local presentations, along with controlling the lights and motorized blinds.